5 Obvious Signs of a Cheating Spouse

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When one spouse suddenly decides to cross the line and have an affair, there are certain, unmistakable signs that you should be able to pick up on quickly. These go beyond the usual hunches or suspicions. They are unmistakable and very noticeable if you've been with your partner for any length of time.
So if you're dealing with a cheating spouse, your best bet is to simply stay alert and look for any major changes in their personality and behavior. Here are 5 of the most obvious:
1. Their personal schedule and routine changes drastically and suddenly. Keep in mind that now they have to accommodate a new partner. This presents challenges because this person is also going to start demanding their time. After years of a rock-solid, steady schedule, it should be very obvious when they are being pulled in another direction. Look for unexplained absences after work, much more overtime than usual, more business trips, and the need to get away on the weekend for a few hours.
2. Your spouse suddenly starts having wild mood swings. Having an affair and juggling two partners can be extremely stressful. If you know your spouse well enough, you'll be able to pick up on this in no time. 
3. They suddenly need privacy when talking on the phone. One good example of this is if they need to leave the room after getting a phone call. They'll almost always blame this on something to do with work.
4. They start taking an interest in their physical appearance for the first time in a long time. Whether they start buying new, fashionable clothes, or they decide to go to the gym, it's going to be very obvious that they're trying to impress someone.
5. They become extremely protective of their computer logon and cell phone - and with good reason - this is how they're communicating with their lover. While these electronic devices are great for keeping in touch, they also leave an extremely damaging evidence trail.  If this information were to fall into the wrong hands, it would be game over. If your spouse suddenly changes their computer logon password and never leaves their cell phone out of their sight, there is a reason for that.

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Keep in mind that a clever cheater will always erase their cellphone history - however, it all comes down to persistence on your part - eventually, they are going to forget - and that's when you'll be there. If you're really lucky, they may have saved a particularly sexy message.

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5 Obvious Signs of a Cheating Spouse

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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