Cheating on Your Spouse

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If you have been cheating on your spouse you may be wracked with feelings of guilt. This is normal, most people who cheat are not cheating because they no longer love their spouse. Often it's for reasons that don't have anything to do with their spouse at all. Cheating on one's spouse can often be caused by a lack of self confidence.

The root of this issue is that in many cases as people age they begin to feel insecure about the changes their body goes through. They will begin to feel less attractive.

When a younger individual pays them some attention they will feel flattered and experience a brief boost of confidence. But if this flattery goes too far cheating can happen. Cheating can make someone feel attractive again and give them a long-term boost of confidence.

However, this is not a good way to handle self confidence issues. Instead, discuss your feelings of low confidence with your spouse. Chances are they're going through the same things and you can help one another.

If you do cheat don't think you will get away with it, your spouse can catch on to many obvious signs of unfaithfulness. You will get caught, and is it worth it to risk losing the person you love?

If you find you can't talk to your spouse about your issues, instead of cheating try going to a therapist. A therapist can assist you in addressing your problems in a healthy and private manner.

You may wish to bring your spouse along for a couples counseling. This way you can address your fears and feelings with your spouse in a safe, mediated environment. A therapist can assess the situation and help you both with your issues.

Cheating should never be the answer to marital problems. It isn't fair to your spouse, the person you cheat with, nor to yourself.

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Cheating on Your Spouse

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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