Empty Nest and Marriage

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How are we going to deal with empty nest? I think it is going to be hard to adjust. I think I will have a hard time with it but I really think my husband will have a harder time with it when it becomes real. Are we ready for that? Do we need to go ahead and prepare for that? Or should we have been preparing for it ever since the first day our daughter was born?

I think as parents and husband and wife maybe this should be thought of through out the years as our children are growing up. From the day they are born, is it not our responsibility to raise children that will leave the home? If we are raising our children to be able to stand alone and leave the home, shouldn't we be preparing also at the same time for empty nest?

What are some ways to prepare for the empty nest? What are some ways that we can stay connected to our spouse and not have to re-introduce ourselves to him/her when our children move out?

  • Keeping a date night. Date nights or days needs to be kept and done as often as possible. You need that time to connect with your spouse. You need that time to where you can share your thoughts and ambitions. If you don't do this, 20 years go by and your spouse might not even know what you desire or want to do with the rest of your life.
  • Keep your bedroom a place of haven. Don't turn your bedroom into a place to store baby items, clothes, or your work. Keep your bedroom a place of romance and passion. Candles, pillows, special drawer with lotions, cd player, make sure your bedroom allows you to connect with your spouse and not have to stumble over that little tykes bike.
  • Write your spouse love notes. Send your spouse a card. Write a note on a sticky note and stick it in his car. Be sure to let them know that you desire to spend time with them.
  • Listen for things that your spouse says he likes and dislikes. Listen closely. There is a saying that your taste buds change every 7 years. I firmly believe that your taste period changes often. Listen to your spouse as he is talking to friends or even to you and hear the things that he is saying he enjoys. Focus on them things when you want to do something special for your spouse.
  • Talk about memories with your spouse. Go back into history and talk about how your fell in love. Keep that love fresh.
  • Talk about your future together. Gregg and I want to travel. We want to go to every professional ballpark in America. To some that sounds crazy and boring, but we want to do that together. It is something we would enjoy together. Dream together on things your want to do.
These are just a few things that we try to do to keep our marriage alive. We fail in so many areas. We have to pick the ball back up so many times. But what a great testimony to your children for them to see you building your marriage and keeping it strong even when they are not there.
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Empty Nest and Marriage

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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