Is My Marriage Healthy?

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What is a healthy marriage? Most healthy marriages have good communication, commitments, mutual respect towards spouse and children, emotional support, etc.

If you are wondering if your marriage is healthy, then probably this set of questions can give you an answer.

- Do you have positive communication with your spouse?
- Do you enjoy embracing and kissing with your spouse?
- Do you have regular bedroom intimacy with your spouse?
- Are you able to resolve quarrels or misunderstandings with your spouse?
- Do both of you have mutual respect for each other?
- Will you go through hardships or problems together with your spouse?
- Do both of you give emotional support and companionship towards each other?

Congratulation, if your answers are mostly 'Yes'. You have most of the core characteristics of a healthy marriage. However, if your answers are mostly 'No', do not worry so much. At least, you know what areas are needed to improve on it. There are many great ways to make a marriage better.

Maintain an open communication with your spouse. Discuss with your spouse about your problems, unhappiness, fears or even happy news. If you don't speak, your spouse will not understand, so speak out your mind.

Do small little acts daily. Some people will grow tired of doing small gestures for their partner especially when they are together for too long. Your small little acts can mean a lot to your partner. Doing little stuffs like preparing dinner, massage or even preparing toothpaste can make both to be closer.

Learn to forgive and forget. Humans are not perfect, we may do mistakes sometimes. Learning how to forgive and forget a mistake can make your life easier and communication better.

With all the busy stuffs in our life, we often may neglect the person beside us. Appreciate each other and recognize your partner's effort, complement them if he or she does something great.

A healthy marriage needs time, effort, patience and understanding to make one. It never exists without challenges and trials, so plan to Make Your Marriage Better and long lasting.

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Is My Marriage Healthy?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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