Is Your Spouse Cheating and Untrustworthy?

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Knowing if your spouse is practicing infidelity is not easy. Your initial gut reaction may be denial. It is natural to fear that your instincts may be accurate. Confirming your concerns can and sometimes does lead to emotional pain and mistrust. There is a healthier way to approach this situation.

If you feel you are being cheated on, hiding from the fact while further upsetting yourself isn't fair to you, and in some ways, them. The following guidelines will help you deal with and confirm suspicions of infidelity.

Hiring an investigator can be expensive, but is often worthwhile provided you can spare the funds. A detective will tail their target, keeping track of what they do. If your partner is openly cheating on you, a report from the detective will be able to inform you.

However, even the best investigators may not be able to confirm things if your partner has managed to cover their tracks and practice discretion when meeting for an affair.

If this option is too expensive and too risky for you, there are methods to investigate on your own. In fact, you can put together your own report to catch your spouse cheating. You will not be required to tail your partner, but rather employ a few investigative tactics that will better inform you of your spouse's dealings.

Your first move to catch your spouse cheating should be to gain access to their cellular phone. Check for recent dialed numbers or text messages from numbers and names you don't recognize. However, a clean phone can be even more incriminating, because if your spouse is deleting their call logs and messages, they may very be will be trying to cover their tracks.

There is a way around this hurdle: obtain your partner's phone bills and find out what phone numbers calls are going out to, coming in from, receiving texts, and sending texts.

To catch your spouse cheating may sound easier said than done. There is a risk that your suspicions are incorrect and you are violating the trust bonding your relationship. Consider confronting your spouse calmly and rationally, and just ask them.

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Is Your Spouse Cheating and Untrustworthy?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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