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Nobody in his or her right sense of mind will like the feeling of having problems with marriage. Everyone will want their marriage to last for life without any problem. But being humans, conflicts can be easily created when two people are living together. So, isn't it wise to deal with any relationship problem before they get out of hand and ruin your marriage? So what signs should you be looking out for?

• Lack of physical contact suddenly

If your spouse has always been an affectionate person and suddenly he or she is keeping a distance from you, you may expect problems arising. Observe if your spouse is avoiding physical contact with you, like holding your hand, hugging you, and kissing you. If such behavior has just suddenly display without apparent reason, then something must be wrong.

• Resist your touch

The sign of impending marriage problems can be more apparent if your partner resists your touch because he or she feels uncomfortable about it all of a sudden. To solve the problem before it gets out of hand, have a good talk with your spouse to find out what is wrong. And if your spouse can point out the reason behind, then the problem can be solved easily. Never assume that your spouse is filing a divorce soon just because he or she resists your touch. There are many reasons and most of these can be resolved.

• Losing interest in his or her family

If both of you are parents and all of a sudden your spouse begins to spend less time with you and the kids, you should be alerted by this behavior and should start to examine further. Try to find out who your spouse is spending time with and why he or she is doing it. Of course you don't just jump on the gun and start accusing your spouse of cheating on you. Have a good conversation with him or her after the kids are asleep and see if something is wrong.

Spending more time outside or at work can be due to other reasons than cheating on you. Your spouse may have to work overtime to complete a project in time. That is why good communication between husband and wife is so important. When communication is clear and sufficient, chances of creating misunderstandings can be brought to the minimum.

You can fall in love easily, you can get married easily when the time is right, but you may find it hard to maintain a sweet and lifelong marriage. Maintaining a sweet husband and wife relationship can be difficult but it is not always true. Marriage involves commitment, and hence both parties should always be committed to make the marriage work.

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Save Marriage - Signs of Marriage Problems

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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