Sure Shot Signs Of A Cheating Spouse! Here Is The Fastest Way To Track Down A Cheating Spouse

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Are you feeling that something is awfully wrong with your marriage? Is there a sinking feeling in your stomach that maybe, just maybe, your spouse is seeing another man or woman on the side? While all of your doubts about your spouse's fidelity to your marriage vows may just be figments of your imagination, there is also a high chance that there is meat behind them. How can you tell if your spouse is cheating on you? The best way is to check for the four sure shot signs of a cheating spouse listed below.

Your spouse becomes suddenly fond of his/her phone. Spouses who cheat usually maintain their illicit affairs through cell phones because of the apparent security and discretion that messages and calls made through mobile phones provide. So, if your spouse begins to hold on to his/her cell phone as if it were a life line and never leaves it unattended, chances are you have a cheating husband in your hands.

Your spouse races you to bills and bank statements. Another sign that your spouse is cheating is if he/she races you to open bills, credit card statements, and bank notes. Rushing to get and pay for credit card statements may be your spouse's ruse to cover his/her tracks since these bills may point to motel or restaurant bills and other incriminating expenses.

Your spouse begins to obsessively clean up. If your usually lazy spouse starts to clean up after himself/herself and even rushes you to the task of it, he/she is likely to be hiding something -most probably evidence of his/her wayward tryst.

Your spouse spends a lot of time with friends and colleagues. If your spouse is rarely home or stays out late, you might want to investigate where he/she really spends her/his time. Don't buy and settle for his/her excuse that he/she was out with friends or co-workers, especially if the night-outs happen almost every night.

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Sure Shot Signs Of A Cheating Spouse! Here Is The Fastest Way To Track Down A Cheating Spouse

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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